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A Walk Through The Lowland Rain Forest Of Sabah | Kota Kinabalu And Surrounding Areas

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Title : A Walk Through The Lowland Rain Forest Rain Forest
Author : Elaine J.F.Campbell
Publisher : Natural History Publications (Borneo)
Review By :

Flora Fung

A Walk Through the Lowland Rain Forest of Sabah chronicles the experiences as well as sights and sounds that you will encounter as you walk into the Bornean lowland rainforest at different times of the day and night. Around dawn, for instance, you will hear the rich whooping and gurgling sounds of the gibbons in the tree tops.

You may meet your first leech which you hope will not attach itself to you as it locates you using your body heat as its radar. On the more pleasant side, you get to enjoy the ferns, pitcher plants and orchids. You might even see your first Malayan Flat-shelled Turtle which is most active in the early morning or late evening. At mid-day, the forest becomes much quieter as most of the birds stop singing and are now looking for food.

However, occasionally, the silence would be broken by calls of the pheasant, the Common Barking Deer and the Bornean Yellow Muntjac. Around dusk, swallows and swifts will swoop down low over the river for a last drink. A night walk armed with a large torch will reward you with a noisy chorus as male frogs call out to females, and perhaps sightings of nocturnal animals such as flying squirrels and civets. We are told the Asian elephant is also actually quite a nocturnal animal.

The text was written by botanist Elaine J.F. Campbell who first came to Borneo in 1985 as a research assistant on a field project based at the Danum Valley Field Centre. Nearly a hundred of some of the finest photographs by wildlife photographer Ch’ien C. Lee makes the book a joy just to leaf through. Naturalists, students and travellers alike will enjoy the book as it reveals the wonders of the lowland rain forest and its many magnificent plants and animals.

Book are available for reference at the Sabah State Library Headquarters.