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Sabah State Library (SSL) was established in 1953 as a section under the Department of Information to provide library services and information for the community in Sabah. It became a department by itself in 1972 under the Ministry of Social Services and is funded by both the state and federal governments. As of today, Sabah State Library is made up of an extensive network comprising a Headquarters, 3 Regional Libraries, 21 branches,75 Rural Libraries (state),13 mobile libraries and 8 Desanet.


To Be The Best Library in Malaysia.


To Build a Knowledgeable Society and Create a Reading Culture.


  • To promote and encourage the usage of the Sabah State Library's resources and services.
  • To provide excellent customer-focused services.
  • To develop a corp of highly-skilled staff committed to providing quality service.
  • To provide electronic access to Sabah State Library's resources.
  • To provide information on Sabah through the Local History Collection and Government Publications Collection.
  • To maintain close cooperation with the National Library of Malaysia and other state libraries.